I, DORIS – Both Biting Humour And Fun With Sticky Riot Grrrl Pop Tune ‘HRT’

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16 June 2023

Lots of Dorisses

Band: I, DORIS
Who: London-based feminists
producing mummy-core kitchen-punk.

New single: HRT

Press info: HRT marks the gold standard of ‘I, Doris’ hallmark biting humour
and feminist commentary. The song speaks to the frustrations and challenges of navigating the healthcare system, particularly when it comes to access to hormone replacement therapy.

Doris (songwriter/bassist): “So many people with wombs face an uphill battle in obtaining
the healthcare they need. ‘HRT’ is about the struggle to be taken seriously and the fight to access the care we need to live our lives on our own terms. Also, it’s a disco banger. Now,
what was I just saying?”.

TUTV: I don’t know if this Flemish saying (I’m from the Dutch side of Belgium),
while joking, the clown tells the truth” is somehow used in the UK. But that’s what
this band, not that they are clowns (or are they?), actually do on HRT. They criticize
the disastrous state of health care, with the government ignoring the life-risking
problems, in England with a sickly sticky riot grrrl pop tune that activates your limbs instantly.

Think Debbie Harry and Blondie playing around on their debut LP. Vibey and briskly. Frolicsome 60s organ touches, lively guitar here and there, and vivid vocals. Applause.

Much cheaper than a shrink.

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