THE RUPERT SELECTION Hit Hard With Left/Right Stoner Rock Uppercut ‘TAKING TURNS’

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20 June 2023

Photo Credit: Peter McManus

Who: A psychedelic grunge band from Boston, Massachusetts. They’re inspired by
90s grunge and bring it with a modern twist. So far they released three EPs and one
full-length album.

New single: TAKING TURNS
Lyrically, it centers around being lost in the void, an out-of-body mental experience spawned by drug-induced anxiety. I’ll feature on the band’s new full length, out later
in the year.

Reilly Somach (vocalist/guitarist) “‘Taking Turns’ started from a verse riff and melody I’ve had forever but for whatever reason could never really find a home for. One day in practice I just started playing it and Peter and Sam jumped in and it started coming together. I started playing the chorus riff after and 30 minutes later it was done.”

Art Credit: Crystal Araiza

TUTV: Taking Turns is a riff-vicious mid-tempo psych-blues wallop. A stoner rock jackhammer that triggers you to hit your poor head against a wall. Raw vocals, thumping drums, Slash-like guitar aggression and an ablaze grunge chorus combine for an on-target left/right uppercut. Think Queens Of The Stone Age and Jon Spencer & Blues Explosion having a noise contest. Helter skelter.

Tune in.

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