When Anger Leads To A Vibey Synth-Pop Tune – Toronto Duo TANDM With New Single ‘2QUICK2TRUST’

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23 June 223

Photo by Kate Dockeray

Artists: TANDM
Who: Synth-pop duo from Toronto, CA
featuring Maxine Beck-Sinderby and Thomas.

New single: 2QUICK2TRUST

Beck-Sinderby: “This is our first diss track. This song was inspired from negative
experiences in our music and personal lives, where many have tried to take advantage
of us. From having people try to steal our music, take advantage of our band, take advantage of us as humans – this is our response. When starting TANDM, both Thomas and I were very young and naive to the music scene, and some of the bad people in it. Our kindness, generosity and innocence were taken advantage of, and that put us in a really bad place for confidence and trust in the music industry. “2quick2trust” is a confident clap back at those who have wronged us in the past, proving that all they were to us was nameless and song material.”

Drawing by Evelyn Lougheed
Single Artwork Design by Maxine Beck-Sinderby

TUTV: Despite the track’s angry content, the vibe of this synth-pop jingle is
frolicsome and seducing. I think you don’t need to be a bully or a loudmouth
to ventilate your angry feelings towards all sorts of abusers. Barking dogs do
not bite.

Maxine Beck-Sinderby‘s featherlight voice is sensuous and smooth, but the lyrics are crystal
clear. The main thing is, you can choose your own way to get rid of your demons, and why not with a sparkling and starry-eyed tune like this one. A middle-finger for the idiots, done with style and grace.



TANDM: Linktree

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