TURN UP THE VOLUME’s JUKEBOX 2023 – 10 New Tracks Added Every Week

Every week 10 new rad tracks added

In order to not miss a beat Turn Up The Volume scans the musical
horizon daily (doing it for years now, actually) to stay in touch with
all new things sonically great and shares the results on a weekly

Check the 10 new rad cuts just
added to this rad 2023 playlist.


1. ‘Time & Place’ by QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE

Highlight from their brand-new dark stoner blues LP In Times New Roman…

2. ‘The Memorious’ by SWANS

Michael Gira and his Swans love to play around in your brain with psychedelic jams.
This is what happens here again with this sneaky serpent of a track from their new
mind-boggling album The Beggar.

3. ‘Final Girl Seminfinalist‘ by JOAN OF ARKANSAS

A mindfucker from Phoenix desert rockers’ new LP, titled Imperfectionists, landing
this Friday. Sick guitars, flipped-out bass/drum thwacks, and biting vocals combine
for a Sturm und Drang groove that creeps under your skin.

4. ‘Claws’ by HAREHOUND

A Saturday Night Fever punk-disco knockout for crowded dancefloors.
Groove-tastic. From this Toronto’s swirling outfit’s new EP. Stream here.

5. ‘Food For The Moon’ by PRETTY

The 2nd single from an upcoming EP (‘Citrus Magic’, out 28 July) by this Toronto psychotic gang. Expect a mid-tempo banger stoked up by schizophrenic guitars zigzagging their way around a catching melody/chorus. Think King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard.

6. ‘Vacations In A Taxi Club’‘ by IT’S KARMA IT’S COOL

Primo psych-pop track from these British indie rockers’ new album Thrift Store Troubadours. Read all about in their interview with Turn Up The Volume, right here.

7. ‘Endless Game’ by ROZMAZANI

This ElectroSpank duo from Poland launched their 3rd notable LP, named Hard Times earlier this year and is now followed by this new single Endless Game. A haunting, enigmatic and absolute top thrill.

8. ‘Blackbox Life Recorder 21f’ by APHEX TWIN.

The Irish electronic beep-bleep expert Richard David James aka Aphex Twin
drops a new 4-track EP next month. This is a smooth appetizer. An ambient
piece that’s actually quite melodic and infectious, the AT way that is.

9. ‘Echoes’ by OK PANDA

Following their splendid debut EP Perspectives, released last January this Brussels
guitar pop act returns with this feel-good tune with an electric-powered finale. An
ode to freedom, a call to break free from the monotony and explore new horizons.


10. ‘I Think About You Daily’ by THE PRETENDERS

A both regretful and melancholic ballad from the band’s
upcoming album, called Relentless. Out on September 1.


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