Scottish Popstars TEENAGE FANCLUB Share New Airy Single ‘TIRED OF BEING ALONE’ From Upcoming LP

New striking strokes

7 July 2023

(Press photo by Donald Milne)

Scottish twinkling veteran TEENAGE FANCLUB are back from never being away.

The Glaswegians communicated recently that their longplayer #12, titled
Nothing Lasts Forever will see the light of day on 22 September.

Norman Blake (vocals/guitar/co-songwriter) about the LP: “The songs are definitely personal. You’re getting older, you’re going into the cupboard getting the black suit out more often. Thoughts of mortality and the idea of the light must have been playing on our minds a lot. These new songs are reflective of how I’m feeling now, coming out of that period. They’re fairly optimistic, there’s an acceptance of a situation and all of the experience that comes with that acceptance. When we write, it’s a reflection of our lives, which are pretty ordinary. We’re not extraordinary people, and normal people get older. There’s a lot to write about in the mundane. I love reading Raymond Carver. Very often there’s not a lot that happens in those stories, but they speak
to lived experience.”

Following lead single Foreign Land the band comes up with a second fresh track.
is a familiar, characteristic TF jingle. Always ideal for lazy (summer) moments with a Piña Colada within hand reach. You’ll not feel alone.

Tune in.

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