WE MELT CHOCOLATE – Italian Shoegaze Collective Float In Space With Their New Standout Single ‘NO MEANING MAN’

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8 July 2023

Who: Shoegaze outfit from Florence, Italy formed in 2014 by a group
of friends active for years in the local. They deliver lilting, noisy shoegaze
music, aware of the My Bloody Valentine heritage but also with a nod to
bands like Lush and Björk‘s former band Sugarcubes. They released their
debut LP S/T back in 2019.

New single: NO MEANING MAN
First track from their upcoming, second LP,
out next Autumn.

“After the sad period of the pandemic ended, we managed to carry on some projects that had remained incomplete before the forced stop. ‘No Meaning Man’ is part of those and is perhaps the song that comes from the furthest away and which over time has undergone various metamorphoses before reaching its current form. The sound tries to find a point of encounter between noise moments and more ethereal moments, a contrast that has always fascinated us.

The song deals with the superficiality of some people The lyrics of the song, written by our Vanessa, speak of disillusionment with others, with all those people who increasingly base their lives only on appearance, who perfectly conceal their most total emptiness, dress in attractive and pleasant clothes of false emotions but in reality have no empathy towards others. They don’t have the courage to be themselves and to exist, their lives based on lies and falsehood have no meaning.”

TUTV: Expect a titanic wall-of-shoegaze-layered sound that takes your breath away for almost 4 minutes. It feels as if this spectacular piece of a hallucinatory symphony comes out of space with its reverberated and tremoloed guitars, its scintillating synths, its mystifying melodiousness and its cosmic vocals.

Waves of sonic echoes upon echoes cause a sort of out-of-body experience you don’t want to end soon. No Meaning Man should be part of the soundtrack of a science-fiction movie shot in an unknown universe where you feel yourself superhuman.

A truly fascinating feat.



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