N.O.A.H – Irish Indies Dash With Grimness On New Single ‘SOAR KISS’

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13 July 2023

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Band: N.O.A.H
Who: Irish indie rockers

New single: SOUR KISS
About a toxic relationship, deception, emotional pain,
and the transient nature of happiness.

TUTV: These up-and-coming Irish indies had their promising 6-track debut EP
out in 2021. And now they stir again with this new sharp-edged eruption.

Soar Kiss dashes with emotive grimness, propelled by a drum/bass tandem,
febrile guitars, and vitriolic vocals while the chorus makes the hair in your neck
stand up. Like Muse on speed. It’s not a love song, rather a reproachfully outburst
caused by a depressing relationship. Strike!

Through the Garden of Eden you walk in shame
As the devil and I discuss your pain
A face of beauty is all you had
I’ll take my share and give you back

Press play.

N.O.A.H: Instagram – Linktree

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