Herculean Rockers GRAMMA VEDETTA Fabricated An AI-Generated Video For Their Heavy Turbocharger ‘SPACE FARMER’

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14 July 2023

Artwork single designed by the artist Mirkow Gastow

Who: Herculean rockers from London. Their trademark sound is characterised
by lo-tuned big riffs over rumbling grooves, topped by viral melodies.

Single/video: SPACE FARMER

“The lyrics raise questions about how we deal with life’s challenges. The ‘Space Farmer’ offers an escape, a way to rise above the usual and explore new perspectives. As the song progresses, it tackles themes of liberation, the perception of truth, and the illusions we live by. The recurring line, “Space Farmer grows what works for you,” encapsulates the idea that the Space Farmer can provide tailored solutions for life’s challenges. Space Farmer is an interstellar odyssey that beckons its audience, promising a journey filled with wonder, inspiration, and a voyage to the farthest reaches of the cosmos.”

Gramma Vedetta about the video: “Let us give you a behind-the-scenes peek into the creation of the video. We wanted to make something truly mind-blowing, so we turned
to the excellent website/service called Plazmapunk. They use the StableDiffusion model
to stitch together a sequence of AI-generated images seamlessly. We fed the model with
the song itself, allowing it to extract the speed and timing of the visuals.”

TUTV: Gramma Vedetta bring you a spectacle for ears and eyes. Space Farmer
is a stoner rock turbocharger refuelling its engine midway. Think space rock
legends Hawkind fronted by madman Ozzy Osbourne. I don’t know if mushrooms
inspired the creation of the single’s artwork. Anyway, no rest for the wicked.

Get the LOUD picture?


GRAMMA VEDETTA: Bandcamp – Instagram

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