Young Irish Gunslingers SEARCH RESULTS Wake Up THE FALL On New Striking Single ‘THREE’

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22 July 2023


Who: 3 rock indies from Dublin, Ireland. Their unique pick ‘n’ mix of sounds has a tight groove but also a heady rush which you feel could veer off at any moment; like a three horse chariot taking a corner too fast, you can feel the thrill as it teeters on one wheel, balanced between chaos and control, before racing to a satisfyingly simultaneous finish.

New single: THREE
A 2nd shared cut from their upcoming
debut LP Information Blip.

Artwork single

TUTV: I swear, when this knife-edged tune hit my ears for the first time, I thought
I pushed the wrong button and instead of these young Irish gunslingers I got post-punk legends The Fall on my headphones. Their combination of a hyperkinetic drum/bass beat, the fanatic guitar riff, the Mark E Smith sneering and the overall staccato resonance combine for 78 thrilling seconds that sound familiar but irresistibly engrossing. Bring
on the album.


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