Promote This! DAMNED DAMNED DAMNED (1977)

24 July 2023

Brit-punk gunslingers THE DAMNED were the first punk band to release an LP.

The album titled DAMNED DAMNED DAMNED was produced by Nick Lowe
and released by legendary indie label Stiff Records, on 18 February 1977.

Brian James (songwriter/guitarist) about the messy album cover: “That was
organised by this photographer called Peter Kodick, Stiff Records had assigned him
to do the thing. They thought it was a jolly wheeze to surprise us with a few cream
cakes, little knowing that we would relish it, get into to it and enjoy the whole

Captain Sensible bassist: “I had more pie on my face than any of the other buggers
and on the back of the sleeve I had my back to the picture, so I went down a photo booth
and got some pictures, cut one out and said ‘put that on there’ so I would have something
to show my relatives, because I didn’t think we’d be invited to make another album.”

The still unanswered question is: did your sister like it?


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