THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN Have Their New Live Album ‘SUNSET 666’ Out

5 August 2023

Scottish psych pop heroes THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN
have their new live LP, titled SUNSET 666 out.

It was recorded at the Hollywood Palladium in 2018, whilst
the Reid bros were touring North America with Nine Inch Nails.

It’s a discography-spanning set that includes tracks from ‘Psychocandy’, ‘Darklands’, ‘Automatic’, ‘Honey’s Dead’, ‘Stoned and Dethroned’, ‘Munki’ and ‘Damage and Joy’.

This record reminds me of how great/special the brothers Reid were. They were
particularly smart in writing catchy pop tunes and drench them in a bad of infectious psychedelia. I’m not a big fan of live albums, but the quality here is quite appealing and has that raw-cutting TJAMC edge. And it made me play some of their studio LPs again. Mission accomplished.


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