NEIL YOUNG Drops Another Previously Unreleased Album – ‘CHROME YEARS’ (1977)

14 August 2023

I always wonder when NEIL YOUNG slept
in the 70s/80s when another lost album from
that era comes along.

As happened now again with CHROME YEARS
marked officially as his 44th longplayer.

The 12 songs were recorded between 1974/1976 and features versions of famous Young songs such as Hurricane, Star Of Bethlehem and Looking Out For My Love. It’s kinda a best of those 2 years. It was first compiled as an acetate in 1977, for an eventual LP release.

Illegal copies of the acetate went viral among fans over the years.

Press info: “Chrome Dreams, one of Neil Young’s most individual and powerful albums, was scheduled to be released in 1977, but as is often the case with Young, things change. And then change again. With Chrome Dreams, it has been a long time coming to get to this final version of an album that includes some of rock’s most unforgettable songs – and now it is released as Neil Young envisioned it.

It’s time for Chrome Dreams to find its way into the world. The music included on Chrome Dreams is the debut release of the legendary lost 1977 album that features 12 classic Neil Young songs, including four originals. The 1974-1976 studio recordings include two previously unreleased versions, four tracks never before released on vinyl.”

Order info about the vinyl/CD release HERE.


01. Pocahontas
02. Will to Love
03. Star of Bethlehem
04. Like a Hurricane
05. Too Far Gone
06. Hold Back the Tears
07. Homegrown
08. Captain Kennedy
09. Stringman
10. Sedan Delivery
11. Powderfinger
12. Look Out for My Love

For a while now Young removed all his music from Spotify after
comedian Joe Rogan‘s spread disinformation about the coronavirus
on his podcast on Spotify and the streaming giant refused to delete it.

You can listen to the album on YouTube.

Click below on play and the songs will play one after another.

Stream-link for Apple Music right here.

NEIL YOUNG: Website – Instagram

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