THE IRRATIONAL LIBRARY – Counterculture Collective Returns With Electrifying Pop Gem ‘HUEVOS RANCHEROS’

15 August 2023

Who: The Irrational Library is a Dutch-American rock band with its roots
firmly planted in both the regional and international counterculture. The
Dutch-American band produces a raw, dirty groove influenced by punk,
provo and punk icons. Their poetry is packed with social criticism.

References: The Minutemen, Gil Scott Heron, The Mekons, The Fall, Iggy Pop

Back in January, the IL collective released their
3rd full-length, titled We… Are Doomed.

Turn Up The Volume wrote: “The rap and roll venom of Rage Against The Machine,
the fuck-you-hypocrites grimness of Black Flag, the punky saxophone of X-Ray-Spex,
the sharp poetic spit and sneer anarchy of Mark. E. Smith, the challenging spirit of an
open-minded-plainspoken-asskicking-anti-establishement-and-other-scumbags force
of doom and gloom

Well, it’s a great day today. The IL just announced their 4th LP and the news
came in that former POTUS, criminal Donald Trump is indicted (again) along with
his 18 accomplices (including several lawyers!), for attempting to overturn his 2020 election defeat in the state of Georgia. Maybe these Dutch mavericks should write
a crushing song about it.

Anyway the new LP is named Good Busy and will be released via
Floprecords, digitally on 11 September and physically (vinyl/CD)
4 days later.

Ahead of it comes the first single.

HUEVOS RANCHEROS is a song about seeing life clearly
through all the haze and confidently strolling through
the daze.

It’s a tremendously catchy and melodic tune that mesmerises from the kick-off.
Stimulated by a sparkling and melancholic guitar riff à la Kurt Vile, a footstompin’
beat and word-smith Joshua Baumgarten‘s expressive storytelling it becomes an
electrifying pop gem, after a couple of spins. One for which the repeat button was
invented for. One that invites you to stop for a while and look around to find the
light at the end of the tunnel.


I got awareness in my back pocket
and my lovelight is turned to high beam,
I can’t see so clearly now that the fog has rolled in
and reality is not as it seems.
Well, it’s not the first time I’ve been caught
in the shadows of self-confidence,
I’m a dual man wasting time wondering
about this abscess of excess.

Cycle human drama recycled karma
there is a glitch glitch glitching in my memories
well, I know it is built in there to make me blind
to what you don’t want me to see
And as landscapes unfold like origami untold
and newspaper swans are just yesterday’s news,
well, I saw extinction walking secondhand alligator shoes

Well, that’s right, you gotta slice the pie
to feed the need that you choose

Division inclusion graph the usual grift
dispersal of equality gone adrift.
So, what, sore losers
rub your eyes, grown men so often cry
about what you were never taught in school,
that as you get older the burden of proof falls
upon the shoulders of the fool

Yeah, that’s right, as you get older
the burden of proof falls upon the shoulders
of you the fool.

Now, every gender and very race
count your chickens,
eggs smashed in the basket of the commonplace.
Huevos Rancheros is a good friend of mine,
and I do like to scramble my brains
from time to time,
yeah, from time to time
from time to time



Do you wonder what ‘Huevos rancheros‘ actually means, well I did wonder and after some googling I found this: “It’s is a breakfast egg dish served in the style of the traditional large mid-morning fare on rural Mexican farms.”

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