SOPHIA SYNDICATE – British Pop/Rock Team Stir With New Single ‘SILLY GAMES’

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16 August 2023

Who: A UK-based outfit, fronted by vocalist/songwriter
Sophia Stutchbury fusing electronic and acoustic elements.

New single: SILLY GAMES
The art work and music video were both
made with AI, and it’s quite impressive.

Single artwork

TUTV: First thought: Silly Games sounds like an Amy Winehouse song cranked-up with poignant guitars, steamed-up to a swirling pace and souled-up with Stutchbury‘s room-filling voice. Sounds crazy, right? But hey, that’s what my ears tell me, and I trust them,
for years now. But midway the song slows down a moment with moony vocals and Steve Howe-like guitar sparks before the arousing chorus pops up again for the stirring climax. Top! Do play silly games with/on your headphones.



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