GHOST PATTERNS – British Shoegazers With Their New Winner ‘PRIZE’

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19 August 2023

Who: London based quartet formed in 2019 blending
psychedelic, shoegaze and post-punk influences
into their music.

New single: PRIZE
Their first 2023 music following a couple of tracks last year and
their 2019 debut album Infinite, one of the best full-lenghts of
that year according to Turn Up The Volume‘s ears.

TUTV: I wonder if they invited Interpol‘s stellar guitarist Daniel Kessler and give
him a license to overdub the guitars at play on Prize. The result is a wall-of-shoegaze
vibrancy that progresses in slo-mo and grows in intensity along the way with foggy
vocals floating over it.

More melodic than My Bloody Valentine, tighter than Slowdive. Is it real or
fantasy? No idea, but who cares when it’s as ear-and-mind pleasing as this.
We have a winner.


No pain no heart find a place to start
There’s nowhere to hide it’s gonna take some time
So go make a start take some time now
It’s in your eyes
We dare to crawl don’t be scared to fall
Deliberate and slow always pushing forward
Fortunes unfold don’t you cry
So go
Oh when you come down
It’s a mind over matter extreme
The weather changes dramatically
Just like a drug
What is real and fantasy?
In the end you win
Forces at play
Wander astray somewhere somehow
Prizes unveiled
In time



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