TEEN IDLE – New Jersey Songstress With Soulful and Saxy SACCHARINE For Broken Hearts

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1 September 2023

Photo by Samantha Abdelbarry

Who: The project from New Jersey singer-songwriter, producer, and
multi-instrumentalist Sara Abdelbarry. She released her debut EP
Insomniac Dreams in 2020.

New single: SACCHARINE
It’s the third shared track, following Norway and Birthday Cake,
from her upcoming debut album, titled Nonfiction set for release
via H1 Massive on September 29.

Art Credit: Sara Abdelbarry

Abdelbarry: “Call it a breakup song if you will but the song reflects on a romance
and the realization that things can start off pretty sweet but quickly turn sour if both
people don’t put in the work to make a relationship last. The song chronicles the end
of a relationship and the feelings of hurt, disrespect, and anger you can experience
while still remembering the joyful moments.”

TUTV: For all lovers out there who realize that their relationship is over Saccharine
could serve as a comforting, mid-tempo synth-pop vibration that breathes hope for another future. After a smooth, Eastern-like-guitar-resonating intro a trippy bass riff
and rhythmic drum touches take care of the song’s steady (heart)beat while Abdelbarry‘s crystal voice sounds sorrowful and reflective.

Somewhere in the middle, a heart-warming saxophone comes on (think of soul diva
Sade’s hits)
and gives the song a matching melancholic feel that endears in some way.
Don’t Look Back In Anger sings Noel Gallagher for years now, I second that.

Tune in.

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