THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM Keep On Rockin’ In The Grim World – Hear New Aflame Single ‘LITTLE FIRES’ Here

New striking strokes

5 September 2023

Press photo: Kelsey Hunter Ayres

New Jersey‘s beloved rock 4-piece THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM
share their 6th longplayer, baptized HISTORY BOOKS with
our grim world on October 27. Pre-order info here.

Rough Trade: “Like so many of the most essential rock bands, The Gaslight Anthem have a rare gift for finding glory in the inescapable pain of being alive. On their new album History Books, the New Jersey-bred four-piece bring their soulful breed of punk to ten thrilling songs exploring everything from mortality to mental illness to the more precarious dimensions of human connection.”

Brian Fallon (vocalist/guitarist): “A lot of this record is questioning all the bad stuff we see in the world and the difficult things we go through in life, and asking how to deal with it. I think the answer is that we’re all in this together and that somehow makes it okay, even when it’s anything but easy. The main message of the album is empathy.”

So far we could pump our fists in the air to 2 zealous anthems,
lead single Positive Charge and the title track feat. The Boss
on vocals.

Single #3, called LITTLE FIRES is a classy corker too.

Brian Fallon: “It’s an empowerment song, about refusing to play along
with the kind of people who always seem to be throwing a grenade into
the room for no particular reason.’”

Tune in.

All 3 singles.

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