Classic Clips – SLADE On Dutch TV Show In 1972 With No 1 Hit ‘MAMA WEER ALL CRAZEE NOW’

9 September 2023

4 British skinheads got together in the mid-sixties to play bad loud music under
a couple of noncommercial band names. But after a couple of years they finally hit bullseye, as glam and glitter noiseniks dubbed SLADE who started to play great loud music.

They scored a ton of scream-along hits in the 70s. One of them was MAMA WEER
. It occupied the top spot of the UK Charts 51 years ago today,
on 9 September 1972.

Those were the days that artists/bands didn’t have own video clips to promote their
singles and needed to travel around to play in music shows. Which they did regularly
in The Netherlands on the legendary, weekly show named TopPop.

And that was what Slade did too, to scream to their Mama out loud.

SLADE: Discography – Biography

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