TURN UP THE VOLUME’s JUKEBOX 2023 – 10 New Tracks Added Every Week

In order to not miss a beat Turn Up The Volume scans the musical
horizon daily (doing it for years now, actually) to stay in touch with
all new things sonically great and shares the results on a weekly

Check the 10 new rad cuts just
added to this rad 2023 playlist.


1. ‘The Badge’ by genCAB (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

This eclectic industrial-electro act was founded by musician David Dutton in 2006.

genCAB (generation cable) released their debut album II Transmuter in 2008.
Second full length Thoughts Beyond The Words landed last year. And now LP #3,
titled ‘Signature Flaws’, is set for release in October on Metropolis Records.

Ahead of it comes The Badge. A Krautrock-like industrial
techno burst to start and close all (il)legal raves with.

Press play.
Bang your head.


2. ‘Crystal Closet Queen’ by PIXIES (Boston, USA)

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume)

To celebrate the late genial, eccentric, allround musician Leon Russell looking
artist, a 10-track tribute album came out last week, titled A Song For Leon.

Boston’s noise icons Pixies also feature on the LP with their steaming version
of Russell‘s 1971 classic boogie woogie cracker Crystal Closet Queen, which
Black Francis and Co turned into a classic boogie woogie punk cracker.



3. ‘Psychorigid’ by IT IT ANITA (Belgium)

Belgium‘s hair-rising noiseniks unleash their 4th longplayer,
baptized MOUCHE on 13th October. Pre-order here.

Ahead of the launch IIAA dropped second single Psychorigid
as the follow-up to the nasty first one Don’t Bend (My Friend).

In just 102 seconds these maddening motherrockers succeed to make
you switch from hip-and-hopping like a kangaroo on dope over a funk-punk
disco beat, to dive head first into a maniacal hardcore moshpit.

Insane Intense Amazing Amok.


4. ‘Cooler Than Mars’ by L7 (Los Angeles)

The infamous 90s feminist hit team L7 broke up in 2001.
They reunited in 2015, scored new LP Scatter The Rats 4 years later,
and celebrated the 30th anniversary of their smashing Bricks Are Heavy
album, last year.

And now this new single.

L7: The song was inspired by the ongoing catastrophic news of climate change
and the strange passions of billionaire space cowboys to explore and exploit the
outer limits of our stratosphere. We feel like there is nothing “out there” that is as
mind-blowing as the biodiversity of what we have here on Earth. Because we’re
cooler than Mars, damnit.

Bang Bang.


5. ‘Dopamine’ by PASTEL BLANK (British Columbia)

Pastel Blank: “Dopamine,” is about the moment when you realize you’ve been flipping between apps like you’re checking an empty fridge for the 10th time, hoping to feed your receptors something that feels as good as the younger days of however long ago you picked up your phone. Ultimately, you just trust the algorithm like it were family and fall your way down each doom scroll rabbit hole.”

It’s the 2nd single from his new, upcoming album.

It’s a fervent funky and a dance-trippy stomper. My ears hear the beat
of Queen‘s Another One Bites The Dust, the ardency of A Certain Ratio‘s
Shack Up and a Prince guitar solo all rolled into one. I love my ears.

Check the vibe.


6. ‘Internet’ by MOUNTAIN HEAD (Toronto, CA)

Press photo by Paul Wright

Internet stands as a reflection on the web, underscoring the irony
of boundless information devolving into disputes and trolling.

It’s a tremendously catchy bass-banging and irresistibly hip-shaking disco-rock
stunner that gets you swaying, left to right and back, from the get-go. A solid gold dancefloor filler. Hands down.



7. ‘All My Friends Are Death’ by downtalker (Boston)

(Photo credit: Alexa Noe)

The Boston post-punk disco project has two new rulling
tracks out, of which ‘All My Friends Are Death‘ hit my
ears first.

Songwriter Thompson: “The way I write is quite subconscious. So much so that I have that word tattooed on me. The music just opens me up. It’s always a healing journey and it’s always a pit in my stomach because every word I sing is my truth and I believe if you’re not feeling uncomfortable with the truth in your art you’re not doing it right. I’m trying to heal and trying
to figure out why all these moments are sticking in my head.”

Devo fan? C’mon in, here’s the place to be. Their kooky-punky-cacthy disco wackiness
is omnipresent, but there’s more at play here, folks. Jagged Gang Of Four guitar frenzy, reptitive Yello synth-booms, and mouthy-shouty vocals, will give you s-a-t-i-s-f-a-c-t-i-o-n.


8. ‘Cousin’ by WILCO (US)

Wilco’s new Cate Le Bon-produced album
Cousin arrives on September 29.

While you wait for the release, have yourself some
aural Jeff Tweedy pleasure with the title track.



9. ‘When You’re Gone’ by THE ALTER KAKERS (Toronto, CA)

The band’s name is a testament to their stature and nature – alter kaker is a Yiddish term for an old person, or as the band likes to call it, “an old fart.” That level of self-awareness helps when creating a song like “When You’re Gone.

The band’s Steve Bronstein wrote this new one years ago near the close of a relationship. But unlike the more common musical theme in breakup songs, the singer isn’t sad about the conclusion – he relishes it.

Looking for an infectious jump-for-joy post-breakup tune? Here it is.



10. ‘Inbetweening’ by THE LIGHTNING STRUCK (Canada)

The song is “about those moments that happen between what we think of as events – walking from one place to the next, waiting for something. Generally these happen when you’re alone, and it’s in these moments that self-reflection happens – when we give ourselves permission to think about what things actually mean.”

This seasoned indie combo know precisely well how to touch your heart and soul. Inbewteening is a breezy, tender and gentle lullaby for quiet dream-away moments.
Moony vocals, mellifluent backup harmonies, candlelight romanticism. Top!




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