TERRA LIGHTFOOT – Canadian Songstress Shares New Pop Pearl ‘KEPT YOU IN MY POCKET’ From Her Upcoming LP

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25 September 2023

Celebrated Canadian singer-songwriter TERRA LIGHTFOOT
launches her new album, titled Healing Power on October 13th.

Lightfoot about the LP: “Once I got back into the studio with Gus van Gos,
having already made two records with him, there was an undeniable comfort
and workflow that we just fell into. We are super-productive together in the studio.
I also seem to get my best vocal takes with Gus behind the board. We built this
record pretty quickly together with the band on call whenever we needed them.”

Album Artwork

Ahead of it comes the third single (stream them all 3 below),

Lightfoot describes the song as “a dream in a dark dance club. It’s knowing that
you have fond memories of someone, enough to carry you through a time where you
can’t be with them, and choosing to remain in that half-reality/daydream state when
you can’t be together.”

TUTV: 15 seconds in and it feels like you’re going back in time, somewhere
in the 60s when producer Phil Spector made a revolutionary impact on music
with his spectacular wall-of-sound.

The all-embracing and rich orchestration, the foot-stomping beat, the melancholic melodiousness, the sensual resonance, the strings, the glowing guitar solo, the handclaps throughout and last but not least Lightfoot‘s stirring and invigorating voice, lifting this multi-layered pop pearl to a superlative modern-day level combine for a vibrant ear-pleasing experience. Splendid score!

“You’re a rose of many colours and
you’re keeping me in bloom”




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