KHOMPA – Italian Artist Combines Modern Day Techno Technology And Amazing Drum Skills With A Thunderous Impact

New striking strokes

27 September 2023

Artist: KHOMPA
Who: The solo electronic project of
Italian drummer/producer Davide Compagnoni.

His unique audiovisual live project’s main elements are: a drummer, a conventional
drum kit, 3 state-of-the-art drum sensors, a laptop and a stepsequencer. Each drum controls a virtual musical instrument (synthesizers, samplers, arpeggiators, etc.) within Ableton Live music software that, in combination with a custom stepsequencer developed with MaxforLive app, allows Khompa to perform real melodies/electronic orchestration without the use of any backing track.

Albums: The Shape Of Things To Come (2016) and Perceive Reality (2022)


The accompanying video is a 100% live performance where all the sounds and visuals were triggered in real time with his drum kit as a reflection of the punk/chaotic/hypnotic energy of the song. In the video, words that seem to be extracted from a manifesto of perceptual dissociation bounce off the screen activated and distorted by the drum kit itself.

TUTV: Kompha‘s inventive use of modern-day technology and his amazing drum
skills are pretty special. Both combined here on new single ‘Tre Trigger Contro Tre Trigger’ leads to an overwhelming, cast-iron techno rock tour de force with a multilayered synth tsunami building a thunderous wall-of-sound, augmented with Kompha‘s stunning drum performance.

My ears also hear flashes of electro wizards The Chemical Brothers. Maybe they should
hire Kompha to add some wham-bloody-wham-bam dynamite to their razzle-dazzle pyrotechnics and make 24-hour raves popular again. Fuochi d’artificio garantiti.

Press play for a rapid-eye-movement spectacle.

KOMPHA: Facebook – Instagram
TUTV: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

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