JESSIE SCARLET – British Singer-Songwriter Reaches Impassioned Heights On New Single ‘SIDE TO SIDE’

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8 October 2023

Who: Up-and-coming songstress
from the North West of England.

New single: SIDE BY SIDE

Press info: “It’s only her second single. The track is a come back song, about being betrayed by people believed to be friends, wishing them well and stepping aside for
karma to do its thing.

Jessie experiments with a new, fuller rock sound in this track, including synths in the instrumentation to modernise and balance the heavy rock guitar and adding in a spoken word / rap section comprised of secret slanderous conversations and messages that came to light.”

TUTV: Side By Side is a Saturday Night Fever stomper to fill dancefloors with, a synth pop banger to play out load in your car with the windows down, a bass-pumping rocker to go berserk to. Scarlet‘s flamboyant vocals lift the song to impassioned heights when the eruptive chorus comes on.

She’s giving it her all. And the biting spoken word/rap fragment is pretty cool. Scarlett sounds poignant and eager, but also confident for the future. I’m sure you’ll choose her side, after just one spin.


“They’re all out for themselves
And all my faith in you has died
I wish you well but, look out
Cos every words a lie
Your clean breaks throw me side to side
I wish you well, but look out, look out, look out
Look out”



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