TURN UP THE VOLUME’s JUKEBOX 2023 – 10 New Tracks Added Every Week

9 October 2023

In order to not miss a beat Turn Up The Volume scans the musical
horizon daily (doing it for years now, actually) to stay in touch with
all new things sonically great and shares the results on a weekly

Check the 10 new rad cuts just
added to this rad 2023 playlist.


1. ‘In Slow Motion’ by EX-HYENA (Boston, US)

“The music of Ex-Hyena – Reuben Bettsak and Bo Barringer – has often
explored our collective sense of being through hyper-specific moments.
But if we were granted the ability to slow those moments down, would we
react differently, and would we have a greater or lesser understanding of
what transpires before us? That’s at the core of the Boston dystopian
dance-pop duo’s new single and video.”

Reuben Bettsak: “Things seem to move so fast sometimes and it’s hard to savor moments,
or understand a magical day, a traumatic event, a breakup or a fight, etc. It’s kind of the whole imagining life as a movie where you could replay things in slow motion – with other psychedelic effects for good measure.”

In Slow Motion is the lead single of the duo’s forthcoming, third album ‘A Kiss of the Mind’. Expect dark-synth-wave pizazz at its haunting best. Booming beats rotate on and on towards a full orchestral plangency while shadowy vocals add even more sinister vibes.




The Aussie psych-prog-rockers announced their 25th LP in 13 years.
Their second of 2023. I don’t know when they sleep, or what meds
they take but their productivity is off the charts.

The new one is called The Silver Cord
and comes our way on 27 October.

One of the pieces they already shared is Set.
Psychedelic disco for the wicked.


3. ‘Fourth Pass Over The Graveyard’ (UNKLE Reconstruction) by THE BLACK DELTA MOVEMENT (Kingston-Upon-Hull, UK)

TBDM has a new 5-track EP, titled In Acetate, out on November 17th. More info here.

One of the pieces is a remix by UNKLE (the musical act of veteran trip-hop hero James Lavelle) of February single Fourth Pass Over The Graveyard. Expect psychedelia in slo-mo with Stone Roses‘s Fools Gold echoes, fuzzy vocals and spacey rhythms.

Empty your head and
let the music in.


4. ‘Newdance’ by HUNGRY BOYS (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Newdance is the title track of the duo’s brand-new EP. Stream/buy it here.

It’s about non-stop burning matches and circles around and around pushed
by a mind-boggling synth riff creeping in your head faster than you can say
Fuck Putin. It’s stroboscope electro that gets you in a trance for 5 and a half
minutes. Want more? You know where the repeat button is.


5. ‘Dark Angel’ by SUSU (New York)

Promo photo

Boasting power vocals and a rippin’ guitar riff, she’s a pleaser and a teaser dealing pure punk out your speakers. This is the hand; a perfect play for lovers, an ex, or one night stand.”

Punk-pop fireworks at work. Dark Angel rattles and rolls with energetic elan and greedy guitars and flares up when the tempestuous chorus hits your ears. Desirous vocals complete this roaring ripper.



6. ‘Hell’ by SLEATER-KINNEY (Olympia, Washington)

Washington‘s indie-pop-punk Grrrls share their 10th LP,
named Little Rope with the world on 19 January 2024.

Hell is the first single. A blood-curdling roller coaster of a song.



7. ‘Same Old Story’ by READ THE ROOM (Norwich, UK)

This British 5-piece just released their high-spirited 5-track debut EP,
titled A Place Like No Other. Stream here.

Same Old Story is a standout track. Think Garbage‘s Shirley Manson
rockin’ out with freaked-out guitars flying around her head.


8. ‘Safe’ by WIRE SPINE (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Wire Spine was formed in 2015 by Robert Katerwol of Weird Candle, and Jesi Tekahionwake. Following their 2048 debut album Bury Me Here they’re back now with new single Safe. An electro-pop stomper with New Order-like synth beats and seductive Tekahionwake vocals.



9. ‘Crown Of Thorns’ by THE SUBTHEORY (Los Angeles/Oxford)

At its core, Crown of Thorns delves into the concept of boundaries, those elusive lines
that define personal space and individuality. Singer Cate DeBu lyrical talent shines as she weaves a narrative that vividly portrays the dynamics of establishing and maintaining these boundaries.

It’s a smooth, soulful reverie with gentle and charming vocals
and a Portishead vibe. Sensuous, relaxing and appealing.


Reverb Records

10. ‘Thoughts Of A Child’ by THE LATHUMS (Greater Manchester, UK)

Last March the British pop-rock darlings launched their 2nd album From Nothing To
A Little Bit More
. And last week they dropped this brand-new splendid and infectious humdinger.

Sing along.

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