DWARVES – Legendary Shock Rockers Go Big Again With Brand New Speedy Steamroller ‘WE WILL DARE’

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10 October 2023

Credit: Julia Lofstrand

For forty years the DWARVES have shocked and mystified audiences across the globe
with their unique blend of punk, garage, thrash and experimental music. Hailing from the Midwest, they settled in San Francisco in the mid-1980’s, becoming pioneers in the grunge scene gigging with Nirvana, L7, the Muffs and more.

They were fixtures in the hardcore and pop punk scene as well notching shows with Offspring, Green Day, Social Distortion and playing well over a thousand gigs worldwide. Since their start as a paisley garage band these thrash punk icons have released over a dozen full length records, and countless singles and videos, as well as appearing in the soundtracks for hundreds of films, television shows, skate comps, and multimedia presentations.

Striking concept cover

The noisy mavericks are back now with the first single, titled featuring Madd Lucas, forthcoming album, baptized CONCEPT ALBUM. They share it with the world on November 17. Pre-order info here.

“The Dwarves have been getting cancelled since the 1980’s, so we wrote a 90’s pop punk song about it and made a video starring a female singer born in the 2000’s and a snowboarder from Jackass who’s on strike in 2023. What could possibly go wrong.”

TUTV: High-speed pop punk at its storming best. No brakes, no breaks, no mistakes.
No arty farty production for the veteran San Francisco-based mavericks. It’s full steam ahead at a head-spinning speed, shoved by manic guitars, spiced with peppery duet
vocals and a schizophrenic 6-string solo. Imagine a Formula 1 race car going into overdrive.

Fast and furious.

I dare you not to fall over your feet while pogo-ing to this hit-and-run missile.
Dwarves are big again, make that huge again. We Will Dare is the perfect steamroller
to test your speakers’ resilience. Start your own moshpit while watching the hilarious
video clip directed by Frank Meyer.



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