LIP FILLER – Young British Post-Punk Wolves Nail It With Their New Swirling Single ‘LIMELITE’

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11 October 2023

Who: Up and coming 5-piece who embody the frenzied allure
of noughties dance-punk, deftly unite youthful ethos with their
own unique modern brand of caustic indie-rock, all delivered
with an undoubtable pop flair.

New single: LIMELITE
First piece from their
upcoming, 2nd EP.

“Limelite is very much an embodiment of mixed emotions; not being sure what the best thing
is for yourself and projecting these uncertainties onto someone else. Being caught between two minds, acting impulsively yet irrationally. I feel like this song captures an adolescent naïveté which is self-ashamedly honest. This is the first song that we ever wrote as a band. I think that it’s very fitting of that (in a funny way).”

Single artwork

TUTV: Another exciting outfit of young wolves to add to the already long list of the post-Brexshit-punk rebirth with bands such as Opus Kink, Deadletter, Ditz Silvebacks, Shame, Yard Act, Black Midi and The Murder Capital. It’s still early days for Lip Filler, but their self-titled debut 4-track EP (stream below), released last May displays the high songwriting potential of these talented youngsters.

And with this new blustery single they confirm their ardent ambitions with swirling
gusto and confident brio. Limelite could easily have been an unreleased track from Arctic Monkey‘s debut LP (no, I’m not kidding. Yes, its zigzagging zeal, the sharp-cutting, electric edges at play here and the singer’s energetic vocals (I swear, I thought that Alex Turner was singing) brought almost instantly the Sheffield mega stars to mind. Say no more.



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