HOT GARBAGE – Canadian Noiseniks Drop First Jagged Jackhammer ‘SNOOZE YOU LOSE’ From Upcoming 2nd Album

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13 October 2023

Band: HOT GARBAGE (Toronto, Canada)
Who: A 4-piece that melts heavily volatile yet undeniably palatable amalgamation
of sonic elements. Calling on the driving rhythms of dark post-punk and motorik

FFO: Sonic Youth, Broadcast and 70’s era Iggy Pop .

First shared track from the band’s sophomore album, named Precious Dream,
scheduled for January 19th, 2024 via Mothland (CA/US) and EXAG’ Records (EU/UK).

HG About the album: “Precious Dream is a collection of intense psych doomy punk songs, mainly written while processing heavy feelings. It was made in isolation, so it sounds different from something made through a collaborative process. It was mostly made remotely and pieced together after the songs were complete.

Album artwork

TUTV: Snooze You Lose is a jagged jackhammer that does your head in an eye blink, without asking. It circles around an intoxicating post-industrial groove and haunts your ears on the nightmarish chorus. Hot Garbage is a mean psycho-billy machine that trashes and slashes and brings legendary badass weirdos The Cramps to mind. By the way, it’s Friday the 13th today. Say no more.





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