EVERYBODY’S SIDE PROJECT – Canadian One-Man Act Speeds Up On Supersonic Single ‘STINK PISS’

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14 October 2023


Who: The musical project of Daryl Uhrin, a native of Windsor, Ontario. His musical journey traces back to the early 2000s, where he served as the lead vocalist and keyboardist for Amid Morning Sky, later transitioning to the role of lead singer, synth, and keyboard player for We Were Thane. He was on a 15-year hiatus stepping away from the music world to concentrate on his career in manufacturing. But he’s back now.

From his new 4-track EP After Thought.

Uhrin: My song, “Stink Piss,” is a raw and unfiltered exploration of personal betrayal and heartbreak; confronting bullies, showcasing my resilience and what I’ve achieved in spite of them. It’s a defiant statement that directly relates to my own experiences with bullying in relation to my last name, Uhrin. I don’t harbor ill will against my past bullies, but it’s been interesting to observe how their lives have unfolded. The song and album took me back to
when I was in high school. The song was inspired by a tumultuous period in my life, marked
by betrayal, heartbreak, and the introduction of drugs into my social circle.”

TUTV: Take a deep breath before you start this supersonic head-over-heels missile up.
You will need a lot of oxygen to follow this Blitzkrieg speedball going at a razzle-dazzle, head-twisting tempo. Think Blink-182 on acid.

Stink Piss races and rushes from the kick-off. No brakes, no breaks, no mistakes. Breakneck and aflame are the keywords. Getting rid of the past is the message. Listen up and start your own side project.

Press play.
Get dazzled.


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