SADNESS & COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT – 3 Miserable People Strike With Psychotic Jam ‘BARB’

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24 October 2023

Strong contender for the weirdest name of the year
Who: Three miserable people from the Midlands, UK

New single: BARB
Second single taken from their forthcoming
‘GBH’ EP due out on the 3rd of November.

Esmee Baker (drummer and lead vocalist Esmee Baker comments:“Everyone thinks this
song is about someone called Barb. And I am happy to let them believe that.
BUT alas, it is not. My grandmother’s name was Barbara though – she changed it to sound more English – yuck.

BACK TO THE SONG – this one is simultaneously about wanting to fuck someone’s brains out (not grandma), but also knowing they are a terrible person. And then it’s also about how, no matter how we wile away our mortal hours, we are all on the slow march to the grave (like grandma).”

TUTV: To start with Barb sounds like a sonic death march heading towards a Halloween graveyard, with its pounding drums, its melodramatic vocals and petrifying guitar riffage. Then slowly but surely this serrated jam creeps its way to a psychotic finale. Lyrically it’s
a sort of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story. Sex vs horror.

It’s not the sort of music my late grandmothers listened to, but they would have said there he goes again, losing himself in hellish racket. And that’s what happens right now, right now.



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