THE DAMNED FEW – Dynamite Dutch Turbo Blows Off The Roof With Titanic Single ‘SOMEDAY’

New striking strokes

25 October 2023

Who: Muscular rock 4-piece
from The Netherlands

New single: SOMEDAY
It follows the torrid lead-single from their
forthcoming, self-titled debut album.

Dion Legebeke, the sultry frontwoman wrote
the song in 10 minutes while lying on a coach.

“Some songs just come out of nowhere. Sometimes life isn’t all sunshine, rainbows
and baby kittens. Sometimes life is dark, shitty, cold and empty. But if we pretend
often enough that everything will turn out okay, maybe everything will turn out okay.”

TUTV: The explosive vocal vehemence of Courtney Love and
the titanic blues-rock bombast of Led Zeppelin. Wow, right?
You betcha.

Someday is a quiet/Loud/quiet/Loud roller coaster, scraping the sky, coming
back, and thundering upwards again. Hungry guitars shift from moody vibrations to volcanic eruptions and Legebeke‘s vocal cords’ capacity blows your house’s roof off. Overwhelming stuff, dynamite execution.



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