EAD WOOD – British Indies Stun With High-Voltage Pop Blast ‘MIDLIFE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

26 October 2023

Who: A quintet from Bristol, UK whose lo-fi slacker indie-rock/folk sound is bathed in lap steel guitar, harmonica, and ambient sounds, with Clash describing them as “defiantly original”.

EP Artwork – Out 10 November

New single: MIDLIFE
Piece from the upcoming ‘A Sparkling Gift’ EP, out 10 November

Ed Soles (frontman) “I quit my steady job a few years back to allow more
time and energy to put into music. It didn’t quite go to plan and the music
industry is a tricky beast to navigate, but if you don’t gamble, you’ll never

“I was late to everything, but I was early
to my midlife crisis. It hit me like a sack
of shit, and I really didn’t like it.”

TUTV: What starts as a cheerful pop lullaby with sprightly vocals, detonates
quickly with a wall-of-roasting sound of high-voltage electricity as if all 5 band
members plugged in a guitar and turned the amps to the max.

This fulminating process occurs twice before speeding to a mind-bending finale
peppered with a flipped-out saxophone. Touchdown. We have a clear-cut winner.
Beware, your eggs may get smashed.



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