British Dream Pop Explores BDRMM Overwhelmed Antwerp, Belgium


29 October 2023

British dream pop explores BDRMM launched their 2nd LP, titled I Don’t Know
last June, confirming their huge songwriting potential of their sublime 2020 debut LP

Ryan Smith (songwriter/vocalist) in an interview with NME: “I’d describe it as the second chapter, the themes are still the same, I definitely had to hone it in because some of my lyrics were pretty to the point. That was an important part of it though. It’s a way of vocalising my own fucking inner turmoil and sharing it with three of my best mates. They understand and they help me shape it into something that people can really enjoy. The listeners can make their own mind up and that’s what we were striving for.”

Fabulous symphonic single ‘It’s Just A Bit Of Blood’

Last week they played in Antwerp, Belgium and it was one of the best gigs I saw this year.

And for them one of the best they played in 2023, as Smith said at one point ‘this is fucking surreal’. It wasn’t about copying/pasting the LPs’ highlights. Not all, they build a titanic and astounding wall of psychedelia sound that got the crowd into a trance from start to finish. Awesome, just awesome.


Singer-songwriter-guitarist Ryan Smith getting all the attention

Bedroom psychedelia

In dreams


Enjoying the encores in the back


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