Soulful Sunday With Daydreamers GRANDADDY And Their New Sweet Musing ‘WATERCOOLER’

29 October 2023

Californian melancholia rockers GRANDADDY, now centred more
than ever around singer-songwriter Jason Lytle announced a new LP,
their sixth. It’s named BLU WAV a will appear on 16 February 2024.
More info here.

The first single is named WATERCOOLER

LYTLE: “Most of my relationships have involved girls who worked in office settings.
This song is about the end of one, or perhaps a few, of those relationships. Listeners
will also notice the pedal steel on this track and eventually on many others from the forthcoming new album. It’s a first for Grandaddy, and I couldn’t be more thrilled
about this fact.”

First thing. I never heard a song about a watercooler.
Second thing. Lytle still writes sweet musings and his
soft voice is still instrumental for those musings.



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