PARTS PER MILLION – Boston’s 4-Motor Engine Collides With AI On New Mind-Bending Hellraiser Single/Video ‘CTRL ALT DEL’’

New striking strokes

2 November 2023

Who: Hard-hitting 4-motor
engine from Boston.

New single/clip: CTRL ALT DEL

Paul Mcsweeney (vocals/guitar): “‘CTRL ALT DEL’ is about the rise of A.I. and where
we all fit in as things change with that technology. It’s kind of a scary feeling to imagine being replaced in areas where we have always been needed. We’re on the cusp of a revolution that actually may hurt humanity as a whole if we don’t also rethink some of our social constructs and just put people out of jobs that may never return

Creepy eye-catching artwork

TUTV: Oh my, oh my. ‘CTRL ALT DEL’ is a metallic roller coaster, a mind-bending
hellraiser. Parts Per Million are on a mission. They go after AI with Herculean vocals, massive guitar voltage and smashing drumming. A loud and clear middle finger to
Artificial Intelligence. The slow-fast process makes your head spin, and when
you think you can take a breather, your ears get slammed again in an eye blink.
Holy smoke.

Thunder and lighting fireworks.
Illegal amount of decibels.
Clamorous pandemonium.
Oh my, oh my. A-1 score.

The accompanying clip for the haymaker is a dystopian music video directed
by Tyler Ayres. It depicts the band slowly being replaced by machines.

Vicious slam dunk.
Spectacular clip.

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