JEEN – Canadian Songstress Scores Hat-Trick With 3rd Single From Her Upcoming 5th Album

New striking strokes

3 November 2023

All-round Canadian singer/songwriter JEEN who operates as a, pretty productive, solo artist, has also written for many recording artists such as ‘Great Big Sea’, ‘Serena Ryder’,
‘Res’, ‘Hawksley Workman’, ‘Brendan Canning’, ‘FUWA FUWA’, Martin ‘Doc’ McKinney
and more. She was a member of ‘Cookie Duster‘ with ‘Brendan Canning‘ of ‘Broken Social Scene‘.

So far she released 4 longplayers and number 5,
titled Gold Control lands next year, in February.

Ahead of it we get the 3rd single, following two blistering
rock knockouts, Just Shadows and Make Me Mad.

Third piece HOLD MY HEAD UP HIGHER is an equally fervent corker, but more
of a quiet/Loud, soft/explosive affair. A turbulent roller coaster with Jeen‘s remarkable voice as the song’s star again, burning with ardency on the towering chorus. As usual,
she gives it her all, straight from the heart and the soul.

Scoring 3 goals in a row in a football game is called a hat-trick.
From now on, scoring 3 rad singles in a row is called a hat-trick too.
Jeen just did that.

The song is co-written by and features musician Ian Blurton


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