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5 November 2023

Chicago‘s industrial-rock hot rod MINISTRY fronted
by madman AL JOURGENSEN are shaking things up
for almost 45 years.

And they’re not done yet. On 1 March 2024 album #16,
baptized HOPIUM FOR THE MASSES will hit the streets.

Ahead of it, comes this new taster, named JUST STOP OIL.
A familiar battering Ministry haymaker about our threatened
environment. Yes, Jourgensen cares.

Jourgensen: “Just like you or anybody else, I’m simply a passenger in this lifetime.
I’m watching social changes, political changes, and economic changes, and I comment
on them because I do have a First Amendment right. A lot of people say artists and
athletes should shut up and play ball. No, I’m on this trip too.

If I see something, I say something. That reflects on where each album goes.
Instead of staying sedentary and singing about broken relationships, inner turmoil,
or whatever is hurting this week, I comment on what’s going on from the perspective
of a fellow passenger.”

Let’s roll.

Tour 2024

MINISTRY: Instagram – All Albums

(Image on top: cover of book ‘The Lost Gospels according to Al Jourgesen‘)

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