LOU PANICO – Flamboyant New Jersey Rocker Hits Again With New Flaming Slam Dunk ‘SHE’S ON FIRE’

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5 November 2023

Who: Crackpot punk rocker
from New Jersey

New single: SHE’S ON FIRE
New piece following his previous
crazy corker SMH.

TUTV: Holy bloody smoke. Not only she‘s on fire in the back of the car,
but Panico is definitely hot too. From the kick-off, it’s all hence on glam
punk-rock deck.

Flaming guitars are all over the place with red-hot-blooded riffs, the drummer
hits his tail off and Lou spices this steaming speedball with his crazed vocals. If
your limbs can resist this head-over-heels torch, you need to change your meds
or consult a shrink. Capisce?

Panico knows it’s only rock ‘n’ roll, but he, me and you like it. A lot.


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