REIGN MAKER – Australian Prog Rock Outfit Produce Dramatic Splendour On Their Majestic Piece/Video ‘SIRENS’

New striking strokes

7 November 2023

Who: Born out of Melbourne’s lockdown, this caring
collective blend melodic vocals with dark heavy tones.

New single/video: SIRENS

“‘Sirens’ serves as a powerful anthem for the climate crisis. Conceived during the height of the 2020 lockdowns in Melbourne, Jikella, the song’s lyrical creator, found inspiration in the relentless sirens echoing through her neighbourhood, emanating from a nearby hospital. While the song’s genesis was rooted in the pandemic era, its focus is not COVID-19. Jikella couldn’t help but draw a connection between the sirens’ haunting wail to the looming threat of climate change.”

Single artwork

TUTV: This quiet/Loud/quiet/Loud goosebumps haymaker has a titanic resonance and vocal vehemence that blows you away. It’s a melodramatic powerhouse tour de force that warns for the alarmingly problematic climate change issues that get worse with every year. Too many people, more than we can imagine, ignore the devastating consequences of screwing up Earth‘s climate system.

You can feel Reign Maker‘s rage about the numbing denial of it. Sirens‘ progresses
from Kate Bush-like musing to an eruption of an angry volcano when ignited guitars
and Herculean drumming escalate as if Doomsday is just around the corner. In the middle of all sonic commotion singer Jikella‘s sky-scraping vocals are fully absorbing. It’s not too
late, but the world needs to wake up asap to avoid the unavoidable.

Video: The clip The music video takes centre stage, spotlighting children as the central figures, symbolizing the generation that will inherit the Earth‘s climate legacy. The post-apocalyptic hybrid animal children draw attention to humanity’s interconnectedness and reliance on nature. ‘Sirens’ cleverly crafts its message and meaning by blending the sombre reality of the current climate predicament with the boundless hope embodied by our children, ‘Sirens’ seeks to inspire and touch the deepest recesses of our souls.



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