DEADSET – British Indies Arouse With Their Spine-Chilling Doom And Gloom Single/Video ‘BLEAK’

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8 November 2023

Who: 4 indies from Hull, UK µ
that got together last year.

New single: BLEAK

Sam Mellors: “There’s a really prevalent mutual feeling about the area we all live in. Its rife with boredom and it feels like everyone’s stuck in mundane, monotonous cycles here”, says Deadset vocalist Sam Mellors. “Most people fall into traps of binge drinking or substance abuse to get away from it. It’s really hard not to fall into that trap when there’s genuinely nothing else to do. There’s still a great community of people here, everyone trying to make it a special place and it will always be a special place to us. But it’s still difficult to get away from the fact a lot of people are struggling”.

Bleak artwork

TUTV: Bleak is a spine-chilling psych jam with a menacing sonority. Doomful
Cure-esque sounding guitars, haunting percussion, irritated and desperate vocals
and an overall depressive ‘there’s no future in England’s dreaming’ perspective, starting
in Hull, combine for an inky post-punk nightmare. Awe-inspiring accomplishment.



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