CATHOLIC GUILT – Fiery Australian Rockers Go Fast Forward On Newest Single ‘CAN YOU SEE ME NOW?’

New striking strokes

9 November 2023

Photo by Dean Gordon

Who: Alt-rock team from
Melbourne, Australia

New single: CAN YOU SEE ME?
The song is a tale of lost identity and
feeling at odds with yourself.

Brenton Harris (frontman/songwriter): “For me personally, that feeling was brought on
by a period of intense emotional and physical upheaval caused by a variety of interpersonal issues and a few serious life and career setbacks.

“All of these issues coalesced around the time of the lockdowns and ended up impacting life
on the other side of it, resulting in me living life as a version of myself that felt so unfamiliar, so unconfident, so shaken, so entirely unlike ‘me’. Writing the song allowed me to process and heal and move onto the next evolution of ‘myself’. It’s our ‘feel sad hit of the summer’.”

TUTV: This is a feverishly rushing ripper propelled by an army of guitars, sucker-punch drumming and psyched vocals. This manic missile reflects frontman/songwriter’s Brenton Harris identity issues spot-on. Sonically as well as lyrically, Can You See Me resonates like a much-needed escape from a troubled and confused state of mind. I guess this sounds familiar to so many of us out there. If you’re a Fall Out Boy fan you’ll definitely add this
fiery emo piece to your favourite playlist.

The music video was created in collaboration with Karl Baldwin. It plays on
the use of silhouettes, leaving room for interpretation and imagination.

“Your silhouette only provides an outline of who you are, not the details that make you
unique. We felt that this imagery created a parallel to the search for oneself explored in
the lyrics.”



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