NIGHT NAIL – Berlin-Based Darkwavers Create Relaxing Haze On Their New Single ‘FATES EXPLAINED’

New striking strokes

9 November 2023

Single artwork

Who: A Berlin-based darkwave band who originally
formed in Los Angeles in 2013 fronted by Brandon Robert.

Second shared piece and title track from the band’s upcoming,
3rd album, out on November 17. Pre-order info here.

Album artwork

Robert: “Our move to Berlin had an impact on the themes of anger and frustration directly expressed in the lyrics for new songs such as ‘Cells’, ‘Cracks In My Heart’ and the title track. I could not have written these against the backdrop of the pretty lives, sunsets and geography
of Los Angeles. Even though it has pain and darkness, like anywhere, there is also something unique about LA that limits you from exploring those scarier places inside yourself. It has to
do with channelling your creativity against what you see and feel from the outside world. By contrast, Berlin can be harsh, cold and predictable, lending itself to anger, frustration and resentment, but in that can be a creative liberation.”

TUTV: Scintillating guitar sparks, ghostly synths, steady percussion and shadowy vocals melt together organically on the title track of the forthcoming LP. The result is a melodic dark-dream-wave haze you can nestle your wandering thoughts in.

The tenebrous eurhythmics at play here will cover them in there. Darkness can ease,
relax and calm down your worried state of mind, as proven once again right here. Night Nail invite you to their murky Berlin bubble for a tranquillizing experience. Don’t miss it.




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