BRISTOL TO MEMORY – Vehement Californian 4-Piece With Striking Score ‘WATCH OUT’

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10 November 2023

Photo: Andy Patch

Who: Robust rocking 4-piece from Orange County,
Southern California
, formed in 2005.

New single: WATCH OUT

The first one off the band’s upcoming 3rd full-length
album ‘Hello Anxious‘ out on Wiretap Records in early 2024.

“The song was inspired by the classic tale of a love-lost Frankenstein, on an endless search, only to find his demise lies in what he cares for the most. The song inspires urgency and an immediate reaction leaving listeners with a feeling of nostalgia, while still remaining newly inspired. “Watch Out” has a sound reminiscent of Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Panic! At The Disco while remaining fresh and innovative.

Single artwork

TUTV: A funky, infectious guitar-riff/drum beat is the backbone of this high-energetic stroke that bursts with aflame vitality and when the rousing na-na-na chorus makes
your speakers tremble, the temperature flares up. Rory O’Connel‘s voice steals the show.
Its vehement capacity is pretty impressive and injects this passional outburst with adrenalin. Touchdown!

Tune in.

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