LAUREN ANDERSON – Towering Nashville-Based Voice Stuns With New Pearl ‘LOVE AGAIN

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13 November 2023

Who: Chicago born and Nashville-based singer-songwriter.
She has, so far, 3 albums on her résumé. Check them out here.

New single: LOVE AGAIN

TUTV: Oh my, oh my. What a towering voice. Zestful, vivacious and highly gripping.
Love Again is classic country-blues splendour. The kind of song that send shivers down your spine with its full-hearted passion and its overwhelming resonance.

Wurlitzer jukeboxes were invented back then to play affecting tunes like this one
in smoky bars to comfort lonely souls and melancholic hearts. This sort of music
will never lose its healing impact. Stunning performance.



Lauren Anderson: Facebook – Instagram – Spotify

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