DINOSAUR JR. And MY BLOODY VALENTINE Legend KEVIN SHIELDS Played 3 Songs Together In London Including THE CURE Cover

Two legends, Dinosaur Jr.‘s J Mascis (who dropped a new solo single last
week, listen below) and My Bloody Valentine‘s Kevin Shields became pals
back in 1962 when their bands toured the US together.

They met several times afterward.

And yesterday J Mascis invited Shields to the Dinosaur Jr. gig in the Garage in London.

They played 3 songs. Tarpit from DJ’s 1987 album You’re Living All Over Me, Thorn from MBV’s 2012 EP and The Cure‘s classic Just Like Heaven (more than 400 million streams on Spotify).

Lots of noiiiizzzzz.

New J Mascis single Can’t Believe Where Here.

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