MUTES – British Psych Noise Turbo Slashes And Trashes On Their New Uppercut ‘MERE SLAUGHTER’

New striking strokes

17 September 2023

Band: MUTES (Birmingham, UK)
Who: Originally conceived as a solo, primarily-ambient project
by vocalist and lyricist James turning in a noisy trio with 3 albums
to their credit. You can stream them on Spotify.

First taster from their forthcoming,
4th longplayer, out next year.

‘Mere Slaughter’ was born from a need to write something ugly and dissonant,
somewhat of a sonic exorcism. A lament for a society that is slowly eating itself
by means of division and gaslighting.”

Single artwork

TUTV: Mere Slaughter is a horrific uppercut to the face of the fucked-up times we live in.
An alarming Doomsday warning, a vicious serpent ready to attack. This razing projectile is propelled by psychotic guitars, menacing drumming, and schizophrenic spit-and-sneer howls.

Mutes slash and trash with vitriolic force. The clock is ticking. They know it, we all know it, but the destructive war-shit goes on and on. The light at the end of the tunnel is fading out, so does this jagged jam as to suggest that Armageddon time is getting dangerously close.



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