FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES – Romantic Endearment On Second New Piece ‘BRAMBLES’ From Their Upcoming Album

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19 November 2023

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Last month FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES shared details of a new album. It’s their fifth, it’s named DARK RAINBOW and lands on 26 January 2024. More info here.

The first single Man Of The Hour was a superb surprise, showing the softer side
of post-hardcore punk and tattoo artist Carter. Power balladry at its very best.

Album artwork

Frank Carter about the second new piece BRAMBLES: “Brambles is a melancholic
bop born from the bramble thorns of love we let grow around us until we are tangled with no method of escaping unscathed. Like our neural pathways become stronger and deeper with each unconscious action, the thorns of love hook deeper and the brambles wrap tighter until we are barely recogniseable and even our loved ones can no longer comfort us or lead us to safety for fear of being cut and torn themselves. An ode to the passion of love and a warning not to get lost in it when you go looking.”

Again we hear the romantic side of Carter, delivered
with avid heart-and-soul endearment. Fervent stroke.



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