HOLY COVES Share Another New Music Video – Watch ‘GREY’ In Motion

15 February 2023

Welsh rock trio HOLY COVES fronted by passionate songsmith Scott Marsden
released one of the top albums of 2022 with third longplayer Druids And Bards.

A swirling work of top-notch tunes you go back to,
again and again, once you heard it for the first time.

To keep the momentum going they just released another video for one of
the album’s tracks. The 3rd in a series of 5, following clips for The Hurt Within
and Desert Storm. Check them via the band’s YouTube Channel.

Vid number 3 is for guitar-shiny diamond GREY, also created by award winning
Ukrainian Filmmaker Taras Merenkov. His hazy cinematic style of direction really emphasizes the music and makes a formidable visual.

Roll the tape.


HOLY COVES: Facebook – Instagram – Spotify

You can read last year’s Turn Up The Volume interview with Holy Coves right HERE.

Fantasy Knights POISON RUÏN Share New Combative Track/Video ‘HÄRVEST’

9 February 2023

Who: Sharp-edged rockers
from Philadelphia.

New album: HÄRVEST
The follow-up to their jagged 2021 self-titled debut.
The new record arrives on 17 April via Relapse Records.

(Press pic via Relapse Records)

First single: HÄRVEST (title track).

Mac Kennedy (vocalist/songwriter) “I’ve always found fantasy tropes
to be incredibly evocative. That said, even though they are a set of symbols
that seem to speak to most people of our generation, they are often either
apolitical or co-opted for incredibly backward politics.”

TUTV: After an atmospheric piano intro, Philly‘s fantasy knights get fired
up by high-strung guitars, non-stop drum clobber, and distressed vocals.
Härvest‘s fuzz and buzz rush never looks back and cranks up along its jangly
course. Medieval super knight Ivanhoe is back and he kicks ass.

Heroism in sound and vision.

POISON RUÏN: Instagram

Brussels’ Guitar Pop Act OK PANDA Share Trip-py Video For ‘GONE LOVE’ Track Off Their Debut EP

27 January 2023

Who: Quartet founded in December 2020 in Brussels. Pop music with British influences, mixing alternative rock and 80’s electronic sounds with catchy vocal melodies that contrast with the melancholic themes addressed in the lyrics.

Debut EP: Perspectives.
A sprightly 6-track one. Stream below.

Debut video: The EP’s infectious mixed emotions pop tune
GONE LOVE is the band’s first song visualized in a video.

I guess it’s a good idea if you’re in a moody, post-love state of mind, that you
make a trip around the world and leave the sad memories behind you, while
you hum-whistle-sing along to this bittersweet guitar symphony. If you can’t
afford it, play this video, watch OK Panda do it, and pretend you’re on the road
with them. Just do it.

Roll the tape.

Perspectives EP

OK PANDA: Facebook


21 January 2023

Iceland‘s musical nymph BJÖRK released her, critically
lauded, 10th longplayer, named FOSSORA last September.

The 2nd single off the album, titled OVULE got a remix by Irish-Scottish
producer Sega Bodega and features, along Björk, vocals by R&B artist

Björk: “It has been so nourishing sharing music with shy and sega, soooo honoured
to be in their hands !! And in this remix admiring sega exploring chill-bassdrum-gabba,
and a thrill seeing shy diving into my lyrics and taking it to a new place.”

Great single artwork, great video.

BJÖRK: Instagram

ROBERT PALMER – 19 Jan 1949 / 26 Sept 2003

Songsmith ROBERT PALMER had a cracking career until his sudden
death. He would have celebrated his 74th birthday today.

He died of a heart attack in a hotel room in Paris after a TV
appearance. He was buried in Lugano, Switserland. R.I.P.

One of his best-known hits is, undoubtedly,
from his 1985 LP Riptide

Here’s the iconic video clip.

ROBERT PALMER: Bio – Discography

LEG PUPPY’s Lowlife JOHNNY PIGMAN Gets Remixed Again

16 January 2023

Last year London‘s one-man underground techno maniac LEG PUPPY introduced
phantom JOHNNY PIGMAN, a wasted lowlife with wasted dreams who got lost in a motorized electro-punk-house race and was feared as The Divine Johnny along his
non-stop hallucinatory crusade.

NO SLEEP for JOHNNY, he’s still rushing nowhere fast.

Nobody can save him, not even God.

1-2-3 Pigman

LEG PUPPY: Facebook

One-Man-Team THE PULL OF AUTUMN Invites You To His ‘FUNHOUSE’

13 January 2023

(photo by Matthew Darrow)

Who: The art-rock collective of Rhode Island musician Daniel Darrow,
from 80s post-punk group Johanna’s House Of Glamour. working
constantly with other notable artists.

FFO: Talking Heads, Roxy Music, Brian Eno, Popol Vuh,
The Velvet Underground, LCD Soundsystem

Last month the released his intriguing 4th album Beautiful Broken World
(stream/buy below). An odyssey to the dark side of the mind, featuring multiple

The impressive album artwork

Today sees the launch of a new video for FUNHOUSE, one of the highlights off the album. It features Luke ‘Skyscraper’ James. The song is about rural communities’ historic wait for the circus-carnival to come to town.

Funhouse sounds like a track from a secret solo Syd Barrett album. Yes, the mentally disturbed genius of the early Pink Floyd days. Folkish psychedelia for the midnight hours. Otherwordly and chilling.

Here comes the freak show.



Noise-Exploring Duo NAQOY Challenges Your Ears An Eyes With Psychedelic Jam ‘THE BLUE RIDER’

12 January 2023

Who: Makers of industrial, noise, post-punk, ritual
and ambient music from Budapest, Hungary

Track/clip: THE BLUE RIDER

TUTV: Expect a nightmarish phych trip to David Lynch‘s dark side
of his moon. With Sonic Youth distortion and razzle-dazzle electricity.

This hallucinating jam is visualized with a mind-boggling video clip
and is also part of Forbidden Place Recordss new compilation.

Listen/watch and get puzzled.

NAQOY: Facebook

Welsh Songsmith SWEET BABOO Shares Classic Kids TV Inspired Nursery Rhyme And Fantasy Clip

11 January 2023

Who: The musical moniker of
Welsh songsmith Stephen Black.

New single/clip: THE WORRY
4th shared track of his upcoming 7th longplayer, his
first in 5 years, titled The Wreckage. Out 27th January.
Pre-order info here.

“The songs-and-storytime innocence of classic children’s television fingerpaints primary colours over ‘The Worry’. A painstakingly constructed ode to joy and a harder-than-it-looks experiment in the most direct of direct songwriting. The single’s gamboling rally against letting negative thoughts creep in is sung with abundant, crayon-drawn, crepe-paper and sticky-backed plastic heart, from parent to child, while inviting grown-ups to practice what they preach.”

Black: “This is the oldest song on the album and, although it’s kind of like a throwaway kids’ tune, it took me a long time to get the lyrics right. I wanted the lyrics to be as direct as possible. No trimmings. I think it’s me telling either myself, or my son, or both that there’s no need to worry. Like a mantra. I think that’s easier said than done. In my mind the Rainbow theme tune was inspiration.”

TUTV: This nursery rhyme feels so universal. A parent going back to its own childhood while singing an everything is gonna be fine lullaby to his kid. The Worry is frisky fun and makes sepia-colored images from the past pop-up on your mind’s TV screen. The laid-back melodiousness of the song and its musical orchestration, including jolly piano play and jaunty trombone fragments, make for a sing/whistle/hum along jingle while you can watch the fantasy inspired video clip.

Roll the tape.

SWEET BABOO: Instagram – Facebook


8 Jan 1947 – 10 Jan 2016

Had to get the train
From Potsdamer platz
You never knew that
That I could do that
Just walking the dead
Sitting in the Dschungel
On Nürnberger Strasse
A man lost in time near KaDeWe
Just walking the dead

Sitting in the Dschungel
On Nürnberger Strasse
A man lost in time
Near KaDeWe
Just walking the dead

Where are we now?
Where are we now?

The moment you know
You know, you know

20, 000 people
Cross Bösebrücke
Fingers are crossed
Just in case
Walking the dead

Where are we now?
Where are we now?

The moment you know
You know, you know

As long as there’s sun
As long as there’s sun
As long as there’s rain
As long as there’s rain
As long as there’s fire
As long as there’s fire
As long as there’s me
As long as there’s you

DAVID BOWIE: Website – Instagram