London’s Synth Dream-Pop Duo FERAL FIVE Share Video For Trance-Inducing Single ‘TRUTH IS THE NEW GOLD’

6 March 2023

(Photo credit: Keira Anee)

London‘s synth-dream-pop FERAL FIVE – Kat and Drew Five – released
their long-awaited debut LP TRUTH IS THE NEW GOLD last month.

“An evocative voyage through a Feraltropolis style future city, and an offering
of sonic elixir for heart, feet and mind. Leading us through secret spaces, changing
skies, personal truths and revelations, the Ferals glide seamlessly between bold
alt-pop, experimental electronica, and cinematic landscapes.”

Buy here.

Now, the Fives have an eye-catching video clip out for the album’s magnific title track.
A de-stressing, mid-tempo ambient tune with a heartening affect. Its smooth synth sparks, trance-inducing electro beats, combative guitars, and crystal vocals come all together in an easy-going and groovy way that creates a laidback feel for mind and soul.


FERAL FIVE: Facebook – Instagram

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