Happy 50 to EVAN DANDO…


EVAN DANDO, former frontman of THE LEMONHEADS (1986–1997 and a reunion in 2005) was born 50 years ago – 4 March 1967 – in Essex, Massachusetts. Happy birthday to a highly talented, but also much troubled (drugs and alcohol) singer/songwriter who gave us some brilliant, compelling and impassioned pop music over the years. Next June his solo album BABY I’M BORED will be reissued. The 2CD/2LP set will include an extra disc of unheard and unreleased tracks, singles, b-sides and rarities and will be released via Fire Records that stated: “After The Lemonheads disbanded Dando returned to music first with a solo tour and live album ‘Live At The Brattle Theatre’ before recording ‘Baby I’m Bored’. Mature and autobiographical, the record stripped him of his grunge label. Self-deprecating, these are songs of decline and coming back from that. The albums/LPs will feature ‘Hard Drive’ and ‘All My Life‘, two tracks penned by Ben Lee and features contributions from producer/composer Jon Brion, producer Bryce Goggin, Tom Morgan, Giant Sand’s Howe Gelb, Calexico’s John Convertino and Joey Burns, ex-Spacehog frontman Royston Langdon, Come’s Chris Brokaw and Arthur Johnson.”

To celebrate Dando‘s 50th birthday let’s go back in time and listen
to the original ‘Baby I’m Bored’ album. An underrated diamond…

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Elizabeth Moses (Dando’s ex-wife) was on the LP’s cover…

EVAN DANDO Will Reissue His 2003 Solo Album ‘BABY I’M BORED’ With Extra’s on Bonus Disc…


American singer-songwriter EVAN DANDO best know as troubled frontman of THE LEMONHEADS will reissue his 2003 solo album BABY I’M BORED. It will be released in June as 2CD/2LP and Limited Edition 2LP/2CD set. The extra disc will feature unheard
and unreleased tracks, singles, b-sides and rarities.

“Mature and autobiographical, ‘Baby I’m Bored’ is a stellar record that stripped Dando of his grunge label. At the time of recording, he was without the band which saw him lean more towards an achingly melodic alt-country rock sound. Self-deprecating, these are songs of
decline and coming back from that.”

You can already enjoy here now the alternative versions of
SHOTS IS FIRED featuring Liv Tyler and RANCHO SANTA FE

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