Too Good To Forget – Listening Back To Emotive Rockers VYNN And Their Two Heartfelt Singles…

28 May 2020

The surreal times we live in hurt lots of young bands/artists, especially when they
released new work they wanted to promote with gigs, until that awful coronavirus
erased all touring plans. One of those up and coming acts is ardent Belgian indie trio VVYNN (read: win) who made a firm impression with their first two EPs, ‘Crumble’ in
2017 and ‘Lux’ in 2018.

The highly promising three-piece dropped two new pieces last December. Two new glowing singles showing the band’s great leap forward. Sonically they moved towards
PJ Harvey territory. You can feel and hear her electric ardour, her wayward view on pop and rock and her inflammatory voice in Vvynn‘s new work.

Both MOANING and EXHALE are heartfelt, high-powered, and energy-charged strokes with a soul-stirring sonourness and frontwoman Angie‘s vox sending shivers down your spine. Too good to forget amidst this sciene-fiction-like period.



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Hope to see you soon on a stage again…

Up And Coming Trio VVYNN Launched Clip For Vulnerable Introspection ‘MOANING’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…


24 February 2020

Belgian indie rock trio VVYNN (read: win) released last December two new stirring
tracks, Exhale reminding me of PJ Harvey’s deep digging intensity and ‘Moaning’, a poignant introspection causing goosebumps. Two affecting, amplified musings lifting
the band to a higher and must hear level.

Last month they launched a graceful and expressive clip for EXHALE and recently
an equally emotive video went online for MOANING. Check it out below…

I’ve been moaning in the sun
Where no one no one
Is hearing my song
When did I ever become
The one I was hiding from
The one that started
The moaning

In case you missed the Exhale clip, discover the beauty here…

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(photo on top: FB VVYNN)

Electrifying And Eager Trio VVYNN Shares Clip For New Intense Track ‘EXHALE’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

23 January 2020

Belgian indie rock trio VVYNN (read : win) made a firm impact with their first two
EPs. Crumble in 2017 and Lux released last year. Last December the band returned
with two new tracks ‘Exhale’ and ‘Moaning’ with the first one being my favourite as
Exhale‘ reveals the most clearly this ambitious three-piece’s great sonic step forward.

It’s a tower of a song reminding me of PJ Harvey’s‘s electrifying intensity, her spine-tingling voice and her opinionated and astounding way of writing songs. Yes, ‘Exhale
is equally mettlesome, exhilarating and lifelike with frontwoman Angie‘s fervent vox
shining as never before. Top stroke!

To visualize ‘Exhale‘ the band shared a graceful,
expressive and evocative video clip.
Watch and enjoy here…

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(photo on top: FB Vvynn)

Belgian Indie Rock Trio VVYNN Returns With Two New Impassioned Singles…

16 December 2019

Belgian indie rock trio VVYNN (read : win) made a strong impression with their first
two EPs, ‘Crumble’ in 2017 and ‘Lux’ released last year. Turn Up The Volume said back
then: “This is a threesome of gifted youngsters producing amplified guitar pop with a healthy dose of rousing adrenalin, balancing between Kristin Hersh‘s ardent Throwing Muses and
Tanya Donelly’s starry-eyed Belly, but less polished.”

The thrilling three-piece is finally back with two new impassioned and most captivating singles at the same time showing the band’s great leap forward. Sonically they moved towards PJ Harvey territory. You can feel her electric intensity, her wayward view on pop and rock music and her astonishing voice here in Vvynn‘s new work tremendously well.

Both new striking crackerjacks are remarkable for their compelling, high-powered, and
dynamic structure dragging you slowly but surely into its frenetic guitar-dominated vehemence and soul-stirring tenseness fueled by a robust drums/bass tandem, while frontwoman Angie‘s vocals send shivers down your spine. Welcome back VVYNN!

Listen here to the two new singles…

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London’s Dreamscape Trio IYEARA Launches Haunting Cut From Their Debut EP – Here’s ‘EXHALE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

24 September 2019


Who: Dramatic and ominous soundscape trio featuring The Duke Spirit guitarist Toby Butler, as well as producer Malcolm Carson and vocalist Paul O’Keeffe

Track: EXHALE – a song that’s actually a study of what makes a person – from their debut EP titled ‘CONSEQUENCES‘, out on 27th September via TrES-2b Recordings/Ingrooves

Score: ‘Exhale’ is both a haunting and compelling electronic symphony that triggers
your visual fantasy and your illusory mind. Its relaxing, yet melodramatic sonority sticks immediately and will inspire you to push the repeat button regularly for a while. A ravishing gem this is.

Enjoy the sonic resplendence here…

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