Up And Coming Trio VVYNN Launched Clip For Vulnerable Introspection ‘MOANING’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…


24 February 2020

Belgian indie rock trio VVYNN (read: win) released last December two new stirring
tracks, Exhale reminding me of PJ Harvey’s deep digging intensity and ‘Moaning’, a poignant introspection causing goosebumps. Two affecting, amplified musings lifting
the band to a higher and must hear level.

Last month they launched a graceful and expressive clip for EXHALE and recently
an equally emotive video went online for MOANING. Check it out below…

I’ve been moaning in the sun
Where no one no one
Is hearing my song
When did I ever become
The one I was hiding from
The one that started
The moaning

In case you missed the Exhale clip, discover the beauty here…

VVYNN: Facebook

(photo on top: FB VVYNN)

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